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Vegan Sisig

Sisig is a traditional dish from Pampanga usually consisting mainly of chopped grilled pig's ears, face, and liver (a more traditional one includes pig's brains), onions and garlic. It is seasoned with soy sauce, kalamansi (Philippine lemon), and crushed pepper corns. By the word itself (which means to make sour), its main characteristic is its sour taste. Some who find the thought of eating pig's brain is not entirely appetizing have replaced the ingridient with mayonnaise or egg yolks to mimic the creamy texture.  But how can one enjoy sisig without the guilt of taking too much fat or if one is vegan eater? I thought of coming up with a vegan sisig.  For the meat, I combined board tofu (grilled), tofu skins (air fried), and two kinds of mushrooms (grilled). I used red onion (grilled) and not the sweet one for stronger flavor. To simulate the creamy texture of pork liver and brain, i used mashed taro roots. I combined kalamansi, mushroom sauce, soy sauce, and crushed peppe

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