Monday, April 07, 2008

Black Pepper-Vinegar Ice Cream

If there is one word which people don't use to describe me, it is conventional. So, when Fr. Herb Schneider SJ served this balsamic vinegar and black pepper ice cream, I readily took my camera, pointed at it and shot. Almost like frenzy. Who cares about my fellow Jesuits who would rather have vanilla ice cream. Nothing is as exciting as something that entices my adventurous spirit. But hey, I got the ingredients: I guess, use all these as you make conventional ice cream. Tell me what you think if you did.

coconut cream
all-spice berries
whole green peppercorns
crushed black pepper
balsamic vinegar
egg yolks


Manggy said...

Hi there Father, this is Mark-- we met at Genie's and Chuckie's party last night. I've long wanted to make black pepper ice cream (LOVE black pepper)-- maybe that's where I'll start. As I'm not a big fan of coconut I don't think I'll ever adopt using coconut cream in my ice creams!

P.S. I didn't know you were part of the Music Ministry. I am still enjoying my copy of the Bayan, Umawit songbook I got from the PGH Chapel two years ago :)

Jessel Gerard said...

Hi Mark! Great to hear from you. Check coconut cream first, might lend a different flavor to a unique ice cream recipe. Yes am in the JMM. Check our blog at Do take care and am glad you're enjoying our songs!