Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another Filipino Feast from Rome

Fr. Vic was my spiritual director when i was a novice circa 1999. Aside from spiritual conversations, we also delighted in preparing food for the novitiate community especially during Christmas. Among our favorites is his "Chicken Kinulob" (Chicken Stew). I recieved an email from him recently and was delighted to see how he prepared it in Rome when he hosted a get-together party for friends. I thought of sharing with you his letter (and pics)

Three groups of friends visited rome and so we considered it opportune to prepare a simple dinner for all--cenacle tertians Srs. Susay, Beth and Cecile + Sr. Linda Lizada of their General Curia; then Ms. Marlu Vilches from AdMU English Dept and her sister Liza; and then of course our dear Fr. Cesar Marin who extended his Rome stay after accompanying his Mary the Queen Parish pilgrimage. It was getting cold here in Rome so I prepared our Baltazar family comfort food called 'Kinulob na Manok' and an improvised, Paksiw na Lechon using the Italian porchetta and a side dish of wedges of Brazilian mangoes.

The kinulob na manok as you know is ideally cooked in an earthen pot, covered-sealed with banana leaves but as you know, when in Rome, we do as the Romans do, so we simply used a teflon stewing pot. We simply placed all the ingredients whole--chickens, potatoes, onions, garbanzos or chick peas, chorizos (de bilbao, as we call it back home, though you really don't find that in Bilbao), plus cabbage, though I had to use brussel sprouts which were available when I did my marketing. I also put a small portion of prosciutto-in-bone. Salt and just enough water to cover the ingredients. After the stew comes to a boil, we lower the heat and allow the stew to continue simmering until everything is tender to the bite. Just before serving, we add some milk to make the clear soup white and a little creamy. The stew is served with a mixture of patis and calamansi or in our case here lemon juice.

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Hi Jhaw! Ive followed the jesuit gourmet blog for sometime. I just read this blog about Father Vic. Would be quite interested to communicate with him since he helped me lots during a particularly difficult time. Would appreciate it if I could get his email from you. My blog is The Theoretical Cook