Friday, August 03, 2007

Almost Vegan Sandwhich

This sandwich could have been a perfect vegan meal had i found a good and affordable mushroom in the nearby convenience store. Sardines is not exactly the best substitute, but what can i do, I'm short of cash these days and so i have to dig into our cupboard just to look for any available ingredients for my sandwich.

This is a simple combination of lettuce, roasted zucchini (flavored with oregano, salt, pepper and olive oil), slices of Spanish style sardines, silken Japanese tofu, on a slightly toasted baguette topped with balsamic sauce (minced garlic, parsley, olive oil, and reduced balsamic vinegar.

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Ligaya said...

Hello everyone, got here through Fr. Jboy. ^_^

I have vegan friends po kasi so I feel the need to clear something up:

1) Vegetarian = mostly / purely vegetable-only diet
2) Pescetarian / Pescatarian (I suck in spelling this one =_=) = consumes fish products (and seafood by extension) along with vegetables
3) Lactovegetarian = consumes milk and dairy products along with vegetables
4) Ovovegetarian = consumes egg and poultry and related products along with vegetables
5) Vegan = consumes ONLY vegetables

Sorry po! v^_^v0

Moving along, that looks delish! =P~ {drooly}