Saturday, June 09, 2007

Our Last Hurrah

The Theologians' sub-community took time off a few days before the new school year begins to welcome the members of the community. Last June 6 - 9, donned with beach attire, our community went to Punta Fuego in Batangas to spend four days of fun, food, and fellowship. My task is to feed 20 growling stomachs (to borrow from Passionate eater) for three days. Here's a sample of what we had (Pasta Night)

For cocktails, I served mild cheddar and hot peppered monterey jack. The cold cuts are a combination of florentiner and mortadela-- the cheapest that i can find in the local delicatessen.

As part of the antipasto, i served these marbled potatoes with a dollop of mayonnaise and a little dose of extra virgin olive oil and then sprinkled (a generous sprinkle) with garlic and fresh basil leaves. The guys finished it even before I served the pasta!

I served spaghetti prepared in two ways. One was cooked in sauteed garlic, tomatoes and basil leaves, half a bottle of white table wine. I used Spanish sardines to flavor the pasta. The other one was prepared with pesto sauce.

And of course, nothing beats grilled sausages (hungarian and italian garlic)for a good pasta night!


| eric s | said...


miss ko na luto mo!

i tried cooking the spanish sardine spaghetti you used to cook at the rec room during break times. it worked! hahaha.

i'm learning how to cook and i'm loving it! but yeah, miss ko pa rin luto mo. hehe.

culinary pilgrim said...
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culinary pilgrim said...

hi eric!
haha, it's good to know that you're beginning to love least now i'm assured that you're getting your nutrition from other foods other than lucky me...he-he. Keep on cookin' p're -- bonus points yan for available bachelors like you--of course over and above what you already have...naks...

| eric s | said...

oo nga! oo nga!

i do a mean baby-back ribs dish now. and a white sauce pasta that i just experimented on.

no more lucky me for me! :p