Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Case of Strawberry Vinaigrette

With the curious inquiry of Passionate Eater , I decided to run a test of how celery could add a flavor to the vinaigrette. I still have some strawberries I bought fresh from Baguio, so tried my own recipe sans the celery. The result is the same sweet-sour taste with the acidity higlighted by the cane vinegar. The fruity sweetness however seems to be lacking, even with an added amount of honey. I didn't want it to taste "purely strawberry" or else my vinaigrette will be mistaken as a fruitshake. So I've decided to compare it with my original recipe. I took a sample and then I added a stalk of celery to the rest of the mixture.

The celery acted as a good complement for the taste. I've made a taste test with our two lady cooks. Both of them agreed that the "celery powered" vinaigrette tastes better - " the taste is more full and vibrant than the other one," Manang Linda commented.

So here's a picture of a salad I made just today for my community. This is a combination of greens, pine nuts, prunes, straberries and shreds of manchego cheese drizzled with olive oil. I'm just lucky that I've found a strawberry wine in our refrigirator so I've completed an all strawberry theme for this:


Theoretical Cook said...

This is such a beauty! Will take note of the 'celery' tip for vinaigrettes.

Passionate Eater said...

Fantastic job private "eye" investigator J Haw! So the bright flavors from the celery really do add an accentuating bite to the vinagrette!

I do know that "celery flavor" adds wonders to dishes. Many people add celery salt to potato salad, hot dogs, and seafood for clam and crab bakes. Thank you for teaching me how it works here.

Jhaw said...

thanks. please let me know what you think once you've tried the recipe.

btw, a priest from our community said my last vinaigrette was too sweet for him. So please add your honey slowly.

Carlo Chong said...

BROOOO!!! sarap ng blog nyo! HAHAHA :D wala lang.. nice blog :)

Passionate Eater said...

Happy Easter Jesuit Gourmet friends!