Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Welcome to the Jesuit Gourmet

Welcome to The Jesuit Gourmet.

The idea for this blog came from a number of short conversations I had with one of my brothers in the Society, Joseph Haw. You see, Jhaw and I both have a passion for food. There were many instances when he and I would dream up of menus and recipes for the community. We would begin each conversation with something new we just tried and guess how it was made, or make up something entirely new and then plan to include it in one of our subcommunity dinners. But we didn't talk just about food. These conversations would eventually lead to life's bittersweet realities--difficulties, surprise consolations--the ups and downs of the life of a Jesuit scholastic.

Food is naturally intertwined in our lives. We have cherished memories of food: the joyof your first ice cream cone, the familiarity of grandmother's embotido, cookies from a friend, or whipping up an omelet on a lonely Sunday morning. These memories are relived every time we sample them. We remember, we relish, and then we see how it somehow affects our lives now. I relish, and then deepen my experiences, and become thankful.

It is my hope that upon sharing various recipes and anecdotes in this blog, you too would be reminded of your own memories, and that you too may relish them, and become thankful.


Anonymous said...

very original!! magandang idea siya. pero, 'di kaya mas lalong mahirapan ang mga naga-attempt mag-reduce?!
keep up the good work!!

katimugambalon said...

Healthy food doesn't mean tasteless. We'll try to include low-fat full flavor recipes. :)

Thanks for your comment.